Digital Signage

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage has become an effective way for organizations to inform and communicate specific messaging to their target audience. Whether that be businesses displaying corporate communications to their employees or customers—or schools, campuses, or healthcare organizations looking to promote upcoming programs or events and post important announcements—digital signage allows for specific and dynamic content to be geared toward a specific audience.

By selecting the appropriate solution for your unique environment and communication needs, digital signage solutions can help deliver a variety of dynamic information using audio, video, still, or moving images. Digital signage solutions allow you to keep messaging current and relevant by providing editing and content distribution in real time by location or display.

How Will Digital Signage Benefit My Organization?

A digital signage deployment can help your organization achieve multiple benefits including:

  • Informing and educating—Specific messaging to your target audience
  • Centralized content control tools—Manage content in real time
  • Cost savings over traditional signage—Eliminate design, printing and distribution costs
  • Proof of performance—Tie sales performance and productivity to key communication goals

How Can I Help My Organization Embrace Digital Signage Solutions?

Today’s organizations realize the importance of frequent, relevant communication with their customers and employees. Many are utilizing digital signage solutions to enhance the customer experience to offer:

  • Promotions
  • Interactive touch screens
  • Product and information finders
  • Branding and advertisement vehicles
  • Corporate communications


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