Digital Signage Software

Sevana Signage Software

Digital Signage software’s offered by Sevana Digital are used worldwide to deliver digital signage solutions for any requirement. Whatever type of digital signage you require, Breakthru can deliver the most cost-effective, reliable and easiest to use solution.

Sevana Digital Signage Software Offerings:

  1. Simple digital signage software
  2. Advanced digital signage software
  3. Customised digital signage software

Features of the Digital signage software offered by Msquare

  1. A single platform to distribute, manage and control content to remote digital signage screens
  2. Possibility to create and manage unlimited screen zones including dynamic tickers
  3. Design templates for different aspect rations and screen resolutions
  4. Possibility to schedule same content to multiple screens or different content on every screen
  5. Manage content for both vertical snd horizontal screen formats
  6. Supports all standard media format audio, video, flash and still images
  7. Schedule live feed including website content, RSS data, social media content, text, xml data etc.
  8. Runs on standard Microsoft Windows OS/ Linux based on the preference of the clients
  9. Schedule content on local system or remotely through LAN, WAN, USB or FTP
  10. Remotely monitor the status and content running on each screen
  11. Provides features to manage multi-screen videowalls, interactive touch screens and large format indoor/outdoor LED displays
  12. Provides proof of play reporting and analytics
  13. Software can be server installed on premises or web hosted
  14. Cost-effective software solution with highly advanced digital signage software features

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