Signage Displays

Customers are faced with two options when buying displays… consumer grade displays and commercial/professional grade displays.

Consumer grade display are those that we see at mall food courts, board rooms, and possibly in our own homes. For most people, this is as far as their knowledge of displays goes. They support high resolutions (up to 1080p), come in sizes up to 65 inches and perform very well under normal household use.

But household use is far less demanding on a display than the use it would get in say, an airport, school lobby, factory shop floor, restaurants and generally in most out-of-home locations. Professional displays bring versatility, reliability and scalability to modern day communication requirements. The advantageous features of professional displays include, rugged components, portrait/landscape orientations, indoor/outdoor usage, in-built PC, video wall scaling, 24/7 usage, extended warranty, network control, remote scheduling, optimized heat flow, energy saving, security control, slim bezel and reduced reflection in ambient environment amongst many others. Considering the advantageous features of professional displays, experts agree that when the display goes out-of-home consumers should start preferring professional displays.

Professional displays can be broadly classified into LCD monitors, LCD monitors with LED back light, Plasma monitors and LED display boards. Further, based on the additional options and customization features professional displays can be further distinguished as interactive display, slim-bezel display, 3D display, video-wall, mobile display, shape signage, etc.

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