IT- Asset Management

IT – Asset Management

The key to effective IT asset management is knowing precisely where a particular asset is in its lifecycle at any given moment and whether it is providing its intended value.

We enable workflow execution in conjunction with changes in an asset’s attributes or lifecycle state, Sevana helps you keep asset data fresh and relevant. We assist you gather information that enables operational control of hardware, software, and other assets, and ties them to organizational and financial information for strategic planning.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Collect hardware, software, license, discovery, and entitlement data together so you can reconcile software entitlements against discovery for true compliance management.
  • Access full audit history that tracks all status changes, actions, times, people and dates to enable accountability management and support both asset and change audits.
  • Organize data by department or cost center to use in research and planning. Maintain a service history for each asset to help collect cost and maintenance data over time.

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