Network Management

Network-Management1Network Management Services forms a significant part of Sevana Technologies’ capability as an infrastructure management services specialist. Sevana Technologies, with its vast experience & knowledge in the networking arena has helped many organizations in managing their network infrastructure effectively. We have designed, built and run multiple enterprise’s networks and have a strong portfolio of people, process and technology expertise to enable our clients in managing their network environment

We follow the logic of FAULT, CONFIGURATION, ACCOUNTING, PERFORMANCE and SECURITY for network management

As networks become bigger and more complex, managing these networks becomes a daunting task for network Administrators. It is not just about managing the existing cabling infrastructure or the “Active components”, but also taking care of the overall health of the network. Today, network traffic is not just data, but also has Voice and Video which calls for Quality of Service (QOS) requirements. Some of the issues that network administrators face today are

  • Performance  – To keep providing the same performance even though there are new devices being added to the network every day.
  • Reliability – to provide the required QoS and provide the maintain the required SLA’s required for proper Voice & Data traffic.
  • Security – Ensure that only authorized / approved devices access the network.

Our Network management team helps in keeping the network up & run smoothly which includes “Network audit”, and also pin-point potential problems at the quickest possible time, much before the end users notice or gets affected by it

We also help organizations in performing

  • Repairs & upgrades of existing network
  • Refresh network equipment with better & faster equipments
  • Conduct “Network Audit” and provide a complete analysis of the flow of Network traffic

Do call us for a Network Audit and be rest assured that Sevana Technologies’ will provide you with a cost-effective solution

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