Structured Cabling

The backbone for any form of LAN communication is it’s Cabling, moreover it is the longest life cycle component of any network. A standards compliant cabling system can “future-proof” your network and guarantee future application support, ensuring Return on investment extent of its life cycle.

All copper and fiber optic structured cabling is performed by certified installation personnel as required by the Category 7 fully shielded (SSTP) 600MHz solutions for voice, data and video applications

Residential cabling
complete voice, data, video and audio connectivity solutions including Internet sharing and home office solutions

Fiber Optic Solution
Horizontal fiber-to-the-desk (FTTD), centralized networking and backbone cabling solutions connecting multiple telecommunications rooms as well as buildings and data center/storage area networks (SAN)

Horizontal Cabling
Wiring from telecommunications rooms to the individual outlets on the floor.

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